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'Accreditation' Membership

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Stand out from the crowd as an `Accredited' professional photographer.

Available only to Pro Photography WA Members, it's a symbol of quality and professionalism.

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Accredited Logo

Looking for an Accredited Professional Photographer? Look for this logo.

Accredited means a pro photographer who can:

  • produce high quality professional imagery,
  • provide quality customer service,
  • be ethical and provide professional business practices.


They are also bound by a stringent code of conduct.

Find an Accredited Pro Photographer here...

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Latest News

Brains were tested at our quiz night.

Thanks to all those that attended and congrats to those that won prizes.

Questions included

Where are there 12 discarded Hassleblad Cameras?

Who created the first Digital Camera?

To joke questions like

The camera exposure adjust the Focus, True or False?

80 questions in total, Thanks to The Shoe for hosting us and providing all the food as a as our on Barman serving the drinks.


The April 2024 edition of our newsletter is out now!

Why not read it and find out what's in store this month and in upcoming months?


Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are an important part of the pro photography industry. They support us in the running of our business or working for a business/organisation or to fulfil the needs of our clients and/or employers. Without them and their services we could not exist. When you next consider a supplier, check out one of our sponsors and support those who support you in WA.

Our Sponsors

Find a Photographer

Looking for a photographer for your next photography shoot?

You can find a list of our Members who are skilled and experienced in a range of specialities such as Commercial, Events, Portraiture, Weddings and more.

Find a Photographer

Image by Craig Kinder.
Image by Craig Kinder.
Image by Johannes (JR).
Image by Johannes (JR).
Image by Natalie Atkins.
Image by Natalie Atkins.
Image by Nic Duncan.
Image by Nic Duncan "Kingsley".
Image by Kelly Barker.
Image by Kelly Barker "In Another World".
Image by Alan Wallace.
Image by Alan Wallace.
Image by Angie Roe.
Image by Angie Roe.

About Pro Photography WA

Pro Photography WA is all about supporting and servicing the Professional Photographer, particularly in Western Australia and also in collaboration with many contacts, associates and friendships around Australia and the world.

Born from a void created by the disappearance of a number of photography associations such as the Professional Photographer Association (PPA), Advertising Commercial and Magazine Photographers  (ACMP), and (recently) the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), Pro Photography WA is designed to be an association that is available for all genres of professional photography.  For the many members of these historic photography organisations and a wider audience of working professionals.

Pro Cover Registry

Need help?

Are you suddenly unavailable to shoot a job?

Need to isolate due to COVID?

Become ill?

Just need a break or a holiday?


Access a list of photographers who can help you out and look after that all important job and service your client.

Pro Cover Register

This is a list of pro photographers and their contact details who you can contact to discuss covering that all important job. This service is only available to Pro Photography WA members. But non-members can still register their details, provide their services and be contacted to organise cover.      

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Register Your Details on the Pro Cover Register

If you would like to offer your services (pending your availability) to Pro Photography WA Members, record your details on the register. Although non-members cannot access the Pro Cover Register, they can still record their details and be available on the register.      

Register Your Details on Pro Cover Registry

Assistants Register

Looking for an Assistant or a Second Shooter?

Another great service only available to Pro Photography WA Members

View a list of talented photographers who are available to help you out (requires login)

Pro Photography WA Assistants Register

Register as an Assistant

Anyone can register as an assistant and be available to Pro Photography WA Members to assist.

Register as an Assistant

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If being a Pro Photography WA Member, Retiree Member or Student Member is not for you but you still want to be kept up-to-date with what's going on in the pro world photography, consider subscribing to our newsletters and any information emails.

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